Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tour de jour

Throw every expectation out the window (or boat in our case). Last week we returned from our first, and last, trip to Cabo San Lucas. (For the same money, I prefer Hawaii .) We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on the last night of our trip. The Mexicans offered us a glass bottom boat tour about 10-times-a-day and we took them up on it on the last night! We had low, low, low expectations of the excursion because of the seemingly real possibility that the crappy boat could sink, run out of fuel, or our inebriated captain could just fall overboard.
My mama and brother Josh accompanied us on the tour de jour—these two also love to have fun and throw caution to the wind! Moises was our captain and even through inebriated, he was darling. Upon boarding the “vessel” Moises inquired how much we had paid to his wrangler; “$45” we chimed. Moises shook his head sincerely because the wrangler paid him $10 for his services.

Despite this, Moises cheerfully took us to see much more than the famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas that was promised (see the sea lion above? There were TONS of them!). Halfway through the trip we filled his tip jar with the rest of the money in our pockets, which sadly was only like $14 dollars; all of us wanted to give more to our darling Moises.

Chad and I were so impressed with Moises—he received a paltry sum for his services but maintained a great attitude. He threw out food to attract the fishes and they came by the hundreds! Bright yellow and black fish, Nemos, tiny orange fish, blue/green fish, long black fish. It was seriously SO cool.
Moises took us over to the pelicans hang out and we couldn’t get over how giant they were. We saw about 50 of them! Throughout the charter, Moises was shouting for us to look at this, and to look at that, hey, it’s Scooby-Doo rock, see it? See it? Look at this cave—it’s where two people go in and three people come out—Owen was particularly curious about this observation. Look, it’s a rock shaped like the Virgin Mary, etc, etc. We couldn’t see everything, but the Scooby-Doo rock was spot on.

The tour lasted maybe 90 minutes and we enjoyed every second of it. We couldn’t get over how great it was. This was probably due to our low expectations going in. Expectations are a dicey tomato. While it’s important to have high standards of people and experiences, this can often lead to disappointment and frustration. The tour was so great because we went with no preconceived notions. We were able to just enjoy it for what it was and see it for all the positives that it offered—ignoring that the vessel was the equivalent to a blow up row boat or that any quick movement on it could sink us.

This experience was a good reminder to us to just mellow out and look for the positive because even things that aren’t perfect can be pretty darn amazing.

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