Sunday, October 13, 2013

Emerald Pools--Zion's National Park

In August, the kids and I (and Bailey-pad--my right hand woman!) and some extended family went to Zions National Park. I love this place!

Naturally, Jack decided the top of Emerald pools was the perfect place to relieve himself. So much so that he finished the hike on the way down nakie.

-what you can't see here is a no swimming sign-

We hiked during the day and swam and played tennis by night and had a great time, with one exception, one of the people we were traveling with behaved inappropriately toward me. When writing up this post I was absolutely not going write anything about what happened. But every time my kids see the pics from this trip they mention this incident so I thought I would say a few things so as they later look through this journal they will also remember my thoughts on the subject.


You can't control how other people behave but you can control their access to you, meaning you don't have to continue to expose yourself to them. You move past. Crappy things happen but we don't need to carry them around with us. Forgive others and yourself--that does not mean things go back to how they were--and let it go.

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