Sunday, October 20, 2013

This is the place!

 You've earned a king size candy bar!

This was the phrase that gave some children the necessary motivation to hike for seven hours up the narrows. Yes, I am crazy. I was pretty darn impressed with how well they did too. It was challenging but when it was finally time to call it and turn around I had to rush upstream to catch them and tell them it was time to turn around.

The car trip back to St. George was definitely filled with the sound of exhaustion; even Lily was quiet--and that NEVER happens! I stopped at the gas station and purchased king sized candy bars to everyone's personal requests.

We got further up than I have ever been and had a blast! Jackie fell asleep sitting up next to me on the bus, even though he got carried all day.  It was pretty funny. . .the narrows are probably one of my favorite places and I love that the kids were able to see and enjoy it's beauty.

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