Sunday, November 10, 2013

We did stuff in Mexico.

 We struggle with family photos--it's hard being a family at times.

 Someone got to the bag of granola bars and was outraged to discover that things like this exist.
September took us to Mexico twice; we just couldn't get enough. First we went with our friends and neighbors to their house in Rocky Point and then Cabo as you will probably recall. When driving into a foreign country (especially when it's freaking Mexico) it is best to:
  • a) know where you are going (directions such as turn right after you see a house with a darkened sign that if it were light you could see it says, Buen Viaje will not be accepted)
  • b) not be going in the dark of night 
  • c) not driving through a freak storm where the crappy Mexican roads are washed out from a flash flood and you have to decide whether to sit on the side of the "road" or go through the river that is flowing through aforementioned "road"
  • d) wear long sleeve shirt if driving so passenger doesn't claw your forearm when you decide 38 years is a pretty good run.

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