Sunday, November 3, 2013

"When I get older and get me a kid, I'm going to name him Kevin."--Owen 8/6/13

Life is a blur. It's going a hundred miles per hour and I want to slow down and just enjoy for a moment but don't because there's so much to do! This blog is nice because it allows me to take a moment, look at pictures and events from our lives and see how much is changing. Hopefully it also means that I slow down a tiny bit when I can...
Owen is ten. He started insulin about a year ago and has gradually had to take more and more shots. Towards the end he was taking about six shots per day--that's alot of pokes! This past week he got his first diabetic pump, The Omnipod. So far it's been great, one poke every three days! Had some lower blood sugars and 1am checks but that's just par for the course.

Owen is such a great first child, he's my right hand man. Always there to help and trying to see how he can make things better:
  • mom shouting? --clean the kitchen.
  • mom rushing around trying to get out the door?--get Jack dressed.
  • mom demanding quiet? take all the kids to the furthest room in the house and play.
  • mom exasperated about messy house?--organize Luke and Lily and start a cleaning team.
  • mom looking frustrated?--give her a hug and tell her something nice.
He is just such a great kid. A friend to everyone, life of the party and doesn't let the trials of his life get him down. Last Monday we were driving to the hospital to start his insulin pump and I was looking at him thinking how fast he's growing up. That just yesterday he was the fat little baby who was afraid to swallow food so he would chew it up and then spit it into a napkin. I was telling him how much I love him and how proud of him I am and I started to cry a bit. As I was talking I saw him wiping away little tears; he's still my little boy. He may have his first crush (Tatum Pile) and have plans for what he's going to name his children (Kevin?-really??) and maybe I have to drop him off at parties and pretend we don't know each other (Oakland party--Halloween 2013) but he's still mine. 

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shell said...

i love Owen. He's a great friend. One of a kind.

on another note - when I was going to name Cavan, my sister Kippy said, "don't name him that! it sounds like Kevin with an accent!!"