Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sacrafices must be made.

I'm sure I've never mentioned it because I carry my burden so well but, being a parent can be quite the beating. Take Friday night for instance; Chad and I took the kids to the Halloween Spooktacular. 

We buy tickets, drive thirty minutes, wait in a loooonnng line to park, traverse a long dusty walk to the entrance, buy additional tickets for kids' friends, lose children, find children, buy additional tickets for bouncy houses, spend $75 dollars on gross fair food, share back-washed water with Jack, use a porta potty, get smacked in the face with a play axe by Luke, tell Lily to stay with us fifty-eight thousand times, carry Jack seven and a half miles, get smacked in the arm with a play axe by Luke, take forty-eight photos that yield about eight photos that make it almost worth it (taking the porta potty bit out of course).
Peace fingers? I die.
Notice the shared smile? A bit blurry, but perfect.
 This is possibly the most accurate depiction the evening, especially Luke.


shell said...

mothering at its finest. especially when coupled with your instagram post that reads (correct me if I'm wrong)... and I quote... "Best job in the world." So i guess i'm asking, photography is the best job?

shell said...

oh and p.s. thanks for giving my kid a lifetime of memories. really. i owe you - a bag of candy or something.