Sunday, November 3, 2013

Stepping up and revelations

Last month we participated in the Step up for Down Syndrome parade for ASU Homecoming (that school looks like a par-tay!). This is the third time we've done the parade and the first time Jackie was able to walk it! Walking in the proper direction will be reserved for next year.. 

When a break was necessary either for his own tiredness or for us wanting a break from going the wrong direction he rode on Chad's shoulders and would high five people cheering; that was pretty darn cute!
Now for the revelations portion of this post; Jackie had his first milkshake after the parade. Flavor-chocolate, location-In-and-Out Burgers, result-a life long love affair.  Later in the afternoon he asked for some milk (by screaming and crying) and when we gave him his once loved milk he took one sip and looked at us like, "Hey?--holding out on me?"

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shell said...

I love you Jack. I'm glad we have some of the best people around on this extra chromosome journey. Think of all we'd be missing out on. lucky us!!!!!!